Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TeamMCO T-Shirt Photo Contest 2009 Edition

That's Dr. Tam surprising his then-fiance Amelia with flowers at her bridal shower wearing his TeamMCO T-shirt! We're always looking to have fun while being your choice for Markham braces, Richmond Hill Invisalign, and Greater Toronto orthodontists. It's time to get creative in this year's TeamMCO T-Shirt Contest. Simply wear your TeamMCO T-Shirt, snap a pic and email it to us. Check out the rules on the Office Fun page and learn how you can enter to win a top-level TeamMCO VIP reward from the cabinet!

We look forward to your entries!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Congratulations to the Winner of the Markham Centre Orthodontics Scavenger Hunt!

For the past three months, our Markham braces and Toronto Invisalign patients had the opportunity to complete our online scavenger hunt. The questions were designed to provide information about various important aspects of oral hygiene, braces care, our office, and life after braces. As always, we want you to be informed about your orthodontic treatment, so why not have fun while learning more about it? Congratulations to all of our participants who received the BPA-free Nalgene water bottle with the MCO monogram.

We pooled all of the correct entries together and the lucky winner of the draw was Clara Estrella! Clara chose a mixture of Ten Ren's bubble tea gift certificates, movie passes, and Chapters gift cards as her prize.

Remember to check our website, your text messages, or email appointment reminders for all of our Office Fun!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Markham Centre Orthodontics Celebrates Another Year as the Choice For Markham Braces and Toronto Invisalign!

It is still fresh in our memory when the doors of Markham Centre Orthodontics came into existence in 2005. Just a few years later, we have become Invisalign Premier Providers and increasingly, the choice for braces in Markham and Toronto.

Recently, some of TeamMCO celebrated our anniversary with dinner at Marlowe in Richmond Hill. We are extremely honoured that local dentists and our patients have selected Dr. Tam as their orthodontist in Markham. We have seen over one thousand patients and transformed many smiles. We look forward to seeing thousands more, including yours!

Call 905-477-7750 or visit to schedule your complimentary initial examination for Markham braces and Toronto Invisalign.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dr. Tam, Toronto Invisalign and Markham Braces Specialist, Attends Elite Orthodontic Study Club in Atlanta

Your Markham braces orthodontist, Dr. Tam, recently attended the Hummingbird Associates Orthodontic Study Club in Atlanta, Georgia. Hummingbird Associates is an international management consulting firm dedicated to developing the human and business side of orthodontic practices. Their goal is to help clients strengthen the ties between sound business practices, information technology, and clinical orthodontics.

Dr. Tam with Dr. Bob Hatheway, a leading orthodontist in New Brunswick

Dr. Tam was honoured to be invited to join this elite study club of some of the best orthodontic practices in North America. It was two intense days of clinical information, scheduling appointments, and discussing new developments in orthodontic practice. Attending meetings such as these helps Dr. Tam and his team make sure that you, our patients, are seen on time, and get the best of what is out there in orthodontics.

Our priority at Markham Centre Orthodontics has always been to provide you the best orthodontic treatment AND experience in the north east part of Greater Toronto. Dr. Tam and his team look forward to being your choice for Richmond Hill Invisalign, Markham braces, and Greater Toronto orthodontics. Call 905-477-7750 or visit our website to discover the secret behind Markham's best smiles.