Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dr. Tam meets with Richard Brodie, Best-Selling Author and Creator of Microsoft Word

One of the best ways to continue to improve is to be able to learn from very successful people who have different perspectives on various aspects in life.  Dr. Tam has devoted his life to the continual improvement of his own orthodontic career as the top orthodontist in Stouffville and Markham.  He has also worked hard to enrich the lives of his highly professional team, his patients, and their families.
Dr. Tam having lunch with MS Word creator Mr. Richard Brodie
Recently, Dr. Tam was fortunate enough to secure a one-on-one lunch meeting with Mr. Richard Brodie, the creator of Microsoft Word.  Since leaving MS and becoming independently wealthy, Mr. Brodie has traveled the world and written several best-selling books including "Getting Past OK:  The Self-Help Book for People Who Don't Need Help".  It is an interesting niche for self-help for those who are already doing well in their lives.

It was a thrilling time for Dr. Tam as he bounced questions off Mr. Brodie ranging from family to investing to interpersonal relationships and more.  Dr. Tam would like to thanks his friend Kyle Ray for  introducing them and facilitating the meeting.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Toronto Invisalgn Specialist is Keynote Speaker at Calgary Invisalign Expo and His Son's 2nd Birthday!

Dr. Tam, your Stouffville Invisalign Orthodontist, is on Align Technology's Speaker's bureau, with many orthodontists eager to learn about how to use Invisalign better from him.  He recently flew out for a 12 hour trip to Calgary to deliver a lecture about how Invisalign is a braces technique rather than a commodity for this Western Canadian Invisalign Forum.  Orthodontists from British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan flew in to listen to Dr. Tam teach them how to move teeth properly with Invisalign.

Invisalign Invitation to Orthodontists featuring Dr. Tam

Many people view orthodontic treatment as the same no matter where you go.  This is particularly true with a brand like Invisalign.  The key point for potential patients to understand is that your Invisalign results depend on how your doctor plans your treatment.  You will get different results as you are paying for the orthodontist to straighten your teeth, not Invisalign.

Dr. Tam, his wife Amelia, and son Isaac at his 2nd Birthday Party!

The reason for Dr. Tam's short trip was to make it back in time for his son's 2nd birthday party the next day.  They had wonderful weather and a great celebration!