Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Toronto Invisalign Specialist meets with some of Invisalign's Top Directors at Leafs Game

Dr. Tam, your Toronto Invisalign Dentist, was recently invited to meet with some of Invisalign's Senior Executives.

It was business and pleasure as they enjoyed dinner over the Leafs vs Thrashers. Despite the 3-2 loss, it was an excellent evening of dialogue between Dr. Tam, the Senior Director of North American Sales, an Invisalign President's Club representative, Invisalign's Canadian National Manager. They discussed the future of Align Technology, upcoming innovations, and the direction of Invisalign education.

It was stressed that Invisalign is a technique, rather than a product. Dr. Tam was happy to learn that Invisalign understands that there is a real problem with the number of certified doctors who are not proficient in using aligners. He suggested ideas on how to bring other orthodontists up to speed on how Invisalign works in the best offices.

Should you wish to learn more about Invisalign, or schedule your free Toronto Invisalign consultation, please feel free to call us at 905 477 7750, or book your appointment online.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Your Markham and Toronto Invisalign Orthodontist... A Pleasant Place to Visit

Does hearing the word "orthodontist" or "braces" send shivers down your spine? Many people experience some nervousness when preparing to visit the orthodontist. However, with modern technology at Markham Centre Orthodontics, we are able to provide relatively pain-free procedures, and in some cases, treat patients in less time than with traditional methods. In addition, our loft ceilings, comfortable chairs, modern setting, and friendly team will set even the most anxious patients at ease.

Some of these newer treatment options include both Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. For more information, see our website.

Parents and patients often ask about pain with braces. All patients may experience tenderness and mild soreness hours after undergoing an orthodontic procedure. This is part of the biology of tooth movement and will occur regardless of which appliance you use. It will vary from person to person. We see our patients about once every eight weeks to minimize the incidence of your discomfort. We are also happy to explain to our patients how to minimize this discomfort and take care of your new braces.

The orthodontist's office is a very pleasant place to visit! Increasingly, teens are asking their parents for braces and Invisalign and some of their parents join them as our patients too! Markham Centre Orthodontics strives to provide you with a great smile and a fantastic orthodontic experience. Please contact our office to find out more about the treatments we provide and what we do to ensure your visits are comfortable!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Braces Before and After with Extractions by your Markham Braces Orthodontist

We've had a number of requests to showcase some examples of before and afters for our Toronto Invisalign and braces patients. We'll begin periodically posting some of the beautiful smiles we've created here at Markham Centre Orthodontics. Any examples you see have been posted with written consent from our patients.

JW before braces with severe crowding, crossbites, and malalignment.

JW after 2 years of braces with 4 teeth removed. She couldn't stop smiling!

If you're interested in achieving beautiful, straight teeth, whether you have minor malalignment or severe dental malocclusion, click here to schedule your complimentary initial consultation with us. We look forward to seeing you soon!