Monday, December 3, 2012

Toronto Invisalign Specialist Speaks at Best Invisalign Summit in Las Vegas

Every two years, Align Technologies asks doctors to submit their best Invisalign results for consideration in a competition at the Invisalign Summit in Las Vegas, hosting over 2500 attendees.  This year, they narrowed down the entries to 100 and then had orthodontists, in a double-blinded voting process, select the top 4 cases.

Markham, Ontario Invisalign Speaker's badge

Dr. Tam, your Unionville, Ontario Orthodontist, had one of his cases selected for presentation this year.  It was a teen-aged patient with a severe deep bite, severe large overjet, class 2 malocclusion, and refused to have braces.  The other doctors in the competition were Dr. Gerald Kim, Dr. Vladimir Tabakman, and Dr. John Sparaga.  All of these outstanding Invisalign doctors presented amazing cases, with Dr. Kim receiving the most votes by audience text messaging, to take home the title of the Invisalign Case Shootout champion.

Plaque for best Class 2 Invisalign Teen treatment
What was great about this year's competition is that it once again showcased the expanded borders of treatment with Invisalign with the right doctor.  When asking if you are an Invisalign candidate , remember that the answer to that question has mostly to do with the doctor's experience.

Dr. Tam with the other doctors presenting the best Invisalign cases of the past 2 years.

Dr. Passamano, Irvine Orthodontist, 2nd place in the University Invisalign competition, with Dr. Tam