Monday, March 25, 2013

Most Recent Evidence About Self-Ligating Braces as of 2013 Are Self-Ligating brackets better?

At MCO Orthodontics, we still do not use self-ligating brackets because there is not enough evidence regarding their superiority.  Recently, the AJODO, our association journal, had both sides in a point and counterpoint.  At this time, the evidence in the strongest studies shows no difference in self-ligating brackets such as Damon, Empower, and SmartClip compared to traditional braces.

Friction that is commonly measured in these self-ligating studies trying to support their superiority is usually a first order friction (force of an elastic on top of the wire) rather than a second order (binding at the corners of the brackets).  For orthodontic purposes, the binding is the important factor, and this has not been studied by proponents of self-ligating brackets.

You might wish to read both of the arguments and make your own decision.

Our office wants to use the best treatment options for our patients and we are at the forefront of modern orthodontics, but as orthodontics is a science, we do need to rely on the strongest evidence when deciding on which options to offer.