Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Richmond Hill Invisalign Before and After - Class 3 Invisalign Treatment

Many will say that Invisalign can only be used for simple treatments.  Others believe that they are purchasing Invisalign as a product rather than purchasing the services of an orthodontist using Invisalign.  The fact is the results of your treatment will vary depending on where you get your Invisalign in Richmond Hill.

Here is a sample of an Invisalign patient with a Class 3 malocclusion.  Elastics and buttons were used.  Total treatment time was just over 1 year.  Treatment completed by Dr. Jason Tam.  Visit for more information about Invisalign cost and to see more Invisalign results.

Class 3 Invisalign Initial
Class 3 Invisalign Progress
Class 3 Invisalign Final