Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Stouffville Orthodontist at Stouffville Strawberry Festival!

MCO Stouffville Orthodontics, your Stouffville braces and Uxbridge Invisalign specialists, was happy to participate in the Stouffville Strawberry Festival again this year.  Every year, our team supports the festival and enjoys spending the day with our booth.  This year, our team had a photo booth where guests could take pictures with fun props for a chance to win an iPAD mini.  Congratulations to our winners of our contest!

Stouffville Orthodontist Contest Winners!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Why Choose Your Oshawa Orthodontist? The MCO Difference

Many people are looking for the best price for braces in Oshawa or the cheapest Invisalign in Whitby.  The major issue with this is that it assumes that what you are paying for is the same.  The truth is that orthodontics is a treatment and a service, where you will get different results and have a different experience depending on the office you choose.

MCO Orthodontics has produced thousands of beautiful smiles.  We have also provided our patients with an excellent experience along the way.  There are several reasons why MCO Oshawa Orthodontics is the choice for orthodontist for many people in Oshawa.

The MCO Orthodontics Difference-  How to choose the best orthodontist in Oshawa.

Five of the top reasons our patients choose us:

1.  The MCO Retainer Warranty-  A feature to allow for retainers at very affordable price compared to other offices.  This helps our patients maintain their lifelong MCO smile.

2.  The MCO Smile Promise-  If for any reason, your teeth have shifted, including not wearing your retainer, we will happily help you redo your treatment without a contract.  Simply pay a low monthly fee until you are satisfied with your teeth again!  This way you can always get back to your MCO smile without the high cost of full braces fees.

3.  Direct Billing of Orthodontic Insurance-  Very few orthodontic offices in Canada take your insurance because it is a lot of work and there is no way to electronically bill.  MCO has developed a system to allow for direct billing to save you the hassle of monthly paper work and to save your out-of-pocket costs in your orthodontic investment.

4.  We treat our patients like VIPs-  Many of our patients come from great distances including patients looking for an orthodontist in Peterborough, London, Keswick, and Port Perry.  They enjoy our care packages, treats at each visit, and exceptional service.

5.  Award-winning doctors-  Our doctors are consistently rated 5 stars on Google when searching for Orthodontist in Oshawa, Markham, and Stouffville.  Our team has published treatments for Invisalign and taught other offices and doctors internationally.

Please get in touch with us to schedule your consultation today!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Toronto Invisalign Doctor Meets Orlando Clear Correct Orthodontist

Two of the biggest manufacturers of custom aligners are Invisalign and Clear Correct.  Recently, your Markham and Stouffville orthodontist spent some time (through MCO airport) for a family trip after the AAO meeting.
Dr. Tam and family meeting Mickey!
For those of you who know Dr. Tam well, no trip would be complete without some work and learning.  He spent some time with Dr. Jason Battle from Premiere Orthodontics in Orlando.  Dr. Battle is a top Clear Correct aligner provider.  The two exchanged ideas on patient care and customer service.  Dr. Tam looks forward to bringing back some of this knowledge to help improve out braces in Oshawa, and Toronto Invisalign experiences!
Dr. Tam with Dr. Battle

Monday, April 11, 2016

Top Toronto Invisalign Doctor Trains Align Techs in Costa Rica

If you're reading this blog entry, you have some interest in Invisalign treatment.  One of the key items when selecting an office for your treatment is to understand that your results are not determined by Invisalign, but rather by the office and doctor that plans your treatment.  In other words, results will vary depending on your choice, so price is only one of the factors that should be taken into 

Toronto Invisalign Specialist with his Invisalign Team in Costa Rica
Recently, MCO Orthodontics visited the Invisalign Treat Facility in Costa Rica for the 5th time to meet with doctors, team leaders, and technicians to train them on the best protocols for successful Invisalign treatment planning.  With a dedicated team that has worked together on over 1300 Invisalign cases, this is one of the most experienced groups around.  They discussed Invisalign with extractions, Invisalign with deep bites, Invisalign with open bites, and Invisalign with severe crowding or spacing.  With an international speaker for Align Technologies, it is no wonder MCO Orthodontics is the choice for Invisalign in Toronto, Oshawa, Markham, Whitby, and Stouffville.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Continuous Improvement for Oshawa Orthodontist

Over the past week, your Oshawa Orthodontist at MCO Orthodontics, took some time away from the clinic to meet with two orthodontists in Miami, Florida.  While we strive to provide the best service and results for our patients, it is always important to determine if there are ways to improve.

Dr. Tam met with Drs. Chandy Samuel and Michael Goldstein in Pembroke Pines and in Miami.  They discussed office efficiencies, interdisciplinary care, Invisalign, as well as orthodontics in the near term and longer term.  This dedication to learning is one of the reasons why we are the choice for orthodontic care in Markham, Stouffville and Oshawa.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Markham and Oshawa Orthodontists at Orthodontic World Congress Meeting

As a part of bringing the best Oshawa braces and Invisalign treatment in possible to our patients, our doctors constantly seek out opportunities to learn from both a clinical and customer service perspective.  This is what makes MCO Orthodontics so special.  We realize that just providing good treatment results is not enough.  We have to make you enjoy the experience as well.

Recently, Dr. Haroun and Dr. Tam were in Florida for the GAC Orthodontic World Congress in Hollywood, Florida.  They heard several excellent speakers and managed to get some time in at Marlins Stadium as well as part of the experience.

Our doctors look to bring back what they've learned to help provide beautiful MCO smiles and memorable experiences for you!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

More Comfortable Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign aligners have come a long way since the first generation.  A few years ago, the SmartTrack material made aligners more comfortable and maintain pressure on the teeth for a longer period of time.

Recently, Align announced some further changes to the aligners to increase comfort:

The first change involves the use of real gingival data for a better fit along the gum line and to reduce incidences of sharp edges and papilla impingement.

To address sharpness and lessen irritation to the gingiva and tongue, there are improvements to the edge quality of the aligners by rounding the pointy edges on the anterior areas along with making modifications to the edge angle on the lingual side.

For further reduction of tongue irritation, there is improved trimming of the aligners to minimize incidence of rough surfaces. 

Invisalign aligners have been quite comfortable for most patients with the above items being "sore" spots for some.  With these improvements, patients will now experience far fewer issues and enjoy their treatment more.