Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Online Scavenger Hunt with your Markham and Greater Toronto Orthodontist!

Instructions and Questions for the Online Hunt.

Your Team at Markham Centre Orthodontics, your caring providers of braces and Invisalign in Markham are proud to present our Online Scavenger Hunt. This activity is available to any of our current or past patients.

Every correct entry will receive one of these new BPA-Free Nalgene bottles with the MCO logo. Now you can stay hydrated without worrying about chemicals in the plastic, while staying green for our environment. Perfect for sports, the gym, work, school, and at home!

Click here to get started and let everyone know why you've chosen our office for your braces and Invisalign in Markham and Greater Toronto. Good luck and happy hunting TeamMCO!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Your Markham and Greater Toronto Orthodontist talks about toothbrush history.

A Happy New Year from all of us at TeamMCO. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and wish you the best for the year 2009. We look forward to another year of being your choice for braces and Invisalign in Markham and Toronto! Our first entry for 2009 is about one of the most important oral hygiene tools during your orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign.

Did you know?

People have been brushing their teeth for thousands of years! In fact, the first “toothbrush” was created around 3000BC! Ancient civilizations used a thin twig with a frayed edge to rub against their teeth for cleaning.

The first toothbrush with bristles – similar to today’s toothbrushes – was invented in 1498 in China. Brushes were made out of bone or bamboo with bristles made from the hairs on the back of a hog’s neck.

It was not until 1938 that the first nylon bristle toothbrush was introduced and people quickly became aware of practicing good oral hygiene.

Here are some other interesting facts about your toothbrush (and toothpaste):

• Most people are said to use blue toothbrushes over any other color
• The first toothpaste was used in 500 BC in China and India
• On average, children smile about 400 times per day
• Your toothbrush should be replaced every three months or as required
• The first known toothpaste was used in 1780. Crest and Colgate were introduced to North America in 1955 and 1873, respectively.

Good oral hygiene practice is an extremely important part of your braces and Invisalign treatment here at Markham Centre Orthodontics. We want to provide you with straight teeth and a beautiful smile free of cavities. As a part of your orthodontic care kit, we provide you with all the oral hygiene instruments you need to care for your braces and Invisalign. With continued practice and regular visits to your dentist, proper brushing will become part of your new, healthy lifestyle!

Please contact us at 905-477-7750 if you have any questions or would like to schedule your complimentary consultation.