Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dr. Tam Recognized for His Service as Chinese Canadian Dental Society President

Apart from the office at MCO Markham Orthodontics, Dr. Tam has been on the executive of the Chinese Canadian Dental Society (CCDS) for the past three years, serving as President in 2009/10.

Dr. Tam receiving his award from incoming President Dr. Erica Shum.

The goals of the society are:
* Professional and technical exchange of idea among members and other professional groups
* Community Service such as dental screening clinics at Chinese Community Health Fairs
* Social activities amongst the members and their families;
* Assistance to students studying Dentistry;
* Assistance to graduates in regards to practice setup, management, associateships

Markham Orthodontist addresses the audience of over 120 dentists and family.

While his term as President is over, Dr. Tam remains a highly respected member of the dental community and an excellent resource for fellow dentists. Congratulations on being recognized by the CCDS for your voluntary contributions to the dental community!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Toronto Invisalign Specialist teaches Eastern Canada Invisalign Dentists, Orthodontists, Dental Hygienists, and Assistants How to Use Invisalign

As a leading invisible braces orthodontist practising Invisalign in Toronto, Dr. Tam was hired by Align Technology to provide 3 lectures in the Maritimes.

Dr. Tam teaching the orthodontists, hygienists, and assistants in Fredericton.

He started with a lecture to Hatheway Orthodontics in Fredericton, before flying to Halifax for two study clubs to teach Halifax orthodontists and dentists. Having extensive experience in producing excellent results, the attendees were extremely happy to receive training from Dr. Tam on how to move teeth with aligners, and tips for patient care. Unfortunately, this information is not part of the certification process. Certified Invisalign providers do not receive extensive training on effective, and predictable tooth movement, as most information is regarding the materials submission process.

Dr. Tam lecturing to dentists at the Marriott Harbourfront Halifax

Invisalign is an invisible, clear braces technique of moving teeth. If you are interested in Toronto Invisalign, please visit our office for complimentary consultation.