Thursday, October 24, 2013

Toronto Invisalign Specialist Speaks at Best Invisalign Meeting of the Year

As many of you know, Dr. Jason Tam is one of Invisalign's top doctors in North America.  Look to him for Invisalign in Toronto.  He has been speaking for Align Technology for several years.  Recently, he was invited to speak at the Invisalign Ortho Forum in Palm Beach, Florida.

Dr. Tam on the Invisalign Forum Program
Dr. Tam presented some of his work and theory behind using Invisalign as a technique rather than a product.  Remember that whether you are an Invisalign candidate depends on your initial malocclusion, but more on the experience and comfort level of the doctor.  Many orthodontists still have not used Invisalign for more difficult treatments, so they may tell you that Invisalign is not right for you, even though there may be doctors who are able to use it.

Dr. Jason Tam on the Invisalign Expert Speaker Panel

He recently received the feedback from the Rob Walker, the Invisalign North Director.  Here is what he had to say:

Regarding the Eastern Forum, below are the comments from the survey sent to the attendees.  I basically searched the document for “Jason” “Tam” and a few other key words to consolidate.  Below is the summary:

What do you recommend we change or improve at future Forums to make them more valuable?
·         Jason Tam worked with us at our round table on a clincheck that dr had just received from Invisalign. He was very helpful in teaching how to critically evaluate the clincheck you receive.  A round table where clincheck a not yet approved are critiqued would be very helpful in improving this skill.

Who was the most effective speaker and why?
·         All good.  Especially liked Dr Tam.  He was thorough and organized
·         Dr. Tam was very practical and easy to understand.
·         Jason Tam - his style and approach are best suited to my style, and his teaching style is the most logical.
·         Sam, tam, kotterman, celenza all great
·         Tam....easy to relate to...his practice is

As you can see the comments are in alignment with the same comments I heard from customers I spoke with personally.  I think your “real world” approach, casual presentation style and thorough clinical expertise resonated with everyone.  I greatly appreciate your efforts at the Forum and I hope to see you again soon.