Friday, September 28, 2012

Stouffville Orthodontist supports Hockey Night in Stouffville

This past August, MP Paul Calandra hosted the 2nd Annual Hockey Night in Stouffville in support of the Markham Stouffville Hospital and the Whitchurch-Stouffville Minor Hockey Association.  Some of the star-studded talent included Raffi Torres and ex-Leaf Darcy Tucker.  The game was played at the Stouffville Arena, with our name on the neutral zone ice.

Sabrina, Maria, Isha and Dr. Tam with their VIP lanyards at the game.

MCO Stouffville Orthodontics was proud to be a corporate sponsor for this event.  We believe in supporting our local community and are very thankful for the support Stouffville has shown us!

The player introductions.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Groupon, Dealfind, Group Buy Deals for Invisalign in Toronto

There have recently been several Toronto Invisalign Groupon sales.  Typically, these deals will offer Invisalign for extremely low fees that are not much more than the lab cost for the doctor.  We get many inquiries about whether or not we price match or can lower fees for potential patients.  We do not match fees, as we know that we are very reasonably-priced in the market given Dr. Tam's expertise in Invisalign and orthodontics.

Question about Groupon and Invisalign from

Let's talk a little bit more about these group purchases:

1.  In Ontario, our regulatory bodies do not legally allow dentists to split fees with any third party.  Dentists who have engaged in these practices are and have been subjected to discipline by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons.  Beware seeking treatment with doctors who are willing to compromise the ethical responsibilities of the profession.

2.  Invisalign is not a commodity.  You are not purchasing Invisalign.  You are paying for an orthodontic service that will straighten your teeth using Invisalign.  In other words, your treatment depends on the skill and experience of your doctor and their team, not "how well Invisalign works".  You can read more about choosing an Invisalign doctor here.

3.  Often times these deals are from general dental offices.  This is their "loss leader" to get new patients into the practice.  Many will require a full dental exam, xrays, cleanings, and fillings before Invisalign treatment starts and after the teeth are straight, many will offer cosmetic dentistry such as veneers, bonding, and whitening.

Remember that you are making a big investment in your teeth.  Beware online sales and discounts for Invisalign and Invisalign Teen treatment and view Invisalign as a technique, not a product.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dr. Tam selected Semi-Finalist for the 2012 Invisalign Case Shootout Competition

Every two years, the greatest minds in Invisalign get together in Las Vegas to discuss advancements in the use of Invisalign and to show some of the best Invisalign treatments in the world.

This year, Dr. Tam has been selected as a semi-finalist for his submission and will be in the top 100 Invisalign treatments case publication.  He used Invisalign Teen in conjunction with a Class 2 corrector appliance to correct the deep overbite, large overjet, and deficient lower jaw.  Take a look at the photos here.  Remember, no metal braces or wires were used!  Best of luck to Dr. Tam during the online voting to see if he will be presenting in Las Vegas!

Check out more Invisalign Before and After examples from Dr. Tam:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Toronto Invisalign Orthodontist Teaches East Coast Doctors

In case you weren't aware, Dr. Jason Tam, your top Toronto Invisalign specialist, is on the speaker's bureau for Align Technologies, the parent company of Invisalign.  While he does not own any shares in Align, or have any financial interest in them, he very much enjoys teaching other doctors how to use Invisalign properly.  There are many people who still feel that Invisalign does not work, and it is a shame, because we've created so many beautiful smiles and happy people using it.

Recently, Align flew Dr. Tam into Halifax, Nova Scotia to deliver two 3-hour lectures to dentists and orthodontists at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront.  He discussed developments such as Invisalign G3, G4, Invisalign Teen, and the iOC scanner.  He also provided tips on providing the best Invisalign treatment experience possible for our patients.  The doctors, including Elite and Premier Providers, found the most useful part of the session to be the ClinCheck review, during which Dr. Tam helped them critically analyze their planned tooth movements for their patients.

Dr. Tam managed to enjoy some Maritime food as well!  Lobster roll and clam chowder :)

MCO Orthodontics is extremely proud of Dr. Tam for being one of the most sought out and highly-respected treating doctors and speakers for Invisalign in Canada.  It is not uncommon for patients to fly in or drive several hours in order to see us, and to have doctors fly in to see him speak as well.  Rest assured, that with Dr. Tam's experience, you are be receiving the most advanced and best Invisalign treatment possible.