Monday, February 18, 2013

Toronto Invisalign Orthodontist Dr. Jason Tam Speaks to Canadian Orthos in Costa Rica

Dr. Jason Tam, your Elite Invisalign orthodontist at MCO Orthodontics, serving Richmond Hill, Markham, Stouffville, and Thornhill, recently took a quick trip down to San Jose, Costa Rica to speak about Invisalign as a technique rather than an as a commodity.  He discussed how orthodontists can become more proficient in this technique, and showed several case examples of how movements that were previously thought impossible with aligners, could actually be achieved.  His talk, closing lecture for the Canadian Orthodontic Invisalign Costa Rica Study Club, was thought provoking and very well-received.  No longer should it be asked if Invisalign can correct something.  The right question to ask the doctor is if he/she can correct something using Invisalign… a subtle but large difference.

Dr. Jason Tam speaking to orthodontists across Canada.
While down in Costa Rica, Dr. Tam visited the Invisalign Treat Facility, for the third time.  It is at this facility where the technicians modify ClinChecks based upon the directions of the doctor.  This type of regular interaction with key members of Dr. Tam’s Invisalign team ensures that the proper treatment plans are being developed, according to his instructions.  As the features of Invisalign change, and more complex malocclusions are corrected, the technician must be updated on how they will impact the desired ClinCheck program.
Dr. Tam at Costa Rica Invisalign Treat Facility with his Territory Manager Craig MacIntyre

To ensure proper continuity, Dr. Tam spoke extensively with the staff dentists at Align, and worked with a second technician to help work with his simulations.  This ensures Invisalign patients at MCO Orthodontics the consistency and level of excellence they deserve.
Dr. Tam with two of his technicians and Align dentist Dr. Guitterez
Dr. Tam would like to thank Align for inviting him to speak again, having spoken across Canada, United States, and now in the town of the Invisalign Headquarters in San Jose, Costa Rica.  He is also grateful to his techs and dentists for their warm congratulations on Dr.Tam’s selection for the 2012 Invisalign Case Competition in Las Vegas.  MCO Orthodontics continues to work hard to stay at the forefront of Invisalign treatment in the world!