Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Markham Ontario Invisalign Orthodontist Published in Invisalign's Top 2012 Treatments Book

Recently, Dr. Tam received word that one of his Invisalign Teen before and and after results would be published by Align Technologies.  It was selected as the top Class 2 malocclusion treatment with Invisalign in 2012.  This is just another one of a long list of accolades for this top Richmond Hill Invisalign Orthodontist, who has worked very hard to understand Invisalign treatment properly to treat his patients and travels internationally to teach doctors how to use Invisalign.

Dr. Tam with the 2012 Invisalign Book

Remember that Invisalign is a technique rather than a product.  The general public often believes that who they go to for their treatment does not make a difference.  This is extremely far from the truth, since it is the doctor who should be designing the force system and movement of teeth by editing the ClinCheck program, rather than leave it to non-dentist computer technicians in Costa Rica.

Top Class 2 Invisalign Treatment of 2012

Dr. Tam has been fortunate to treat hundreds and hundreds of Invisalign patients, giving him the experience and foresight to use Invisalign in situations when other doctors might not be able or willing.  Congratulations again!