Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Molar Tipping and Incisor Torque with Invisalign in Oshawa, Ontario

One of the more difficult movements to complete with Invisalign involves movement of the roots.  Often times, this is one of the limited factors of making someone and "Invisalign Candidate".  "Invisalign Candidate" is in quotations because the other major factor is the skill of the doctor.

The first image below is an example of a patient who saw a general dentist for Invisalign treatment to close a space.  The result shows improper alignment of the upper first molar and poor torque of the incisors

The patient was not happy with their result and saw us for a second round of Invisalign.  Below is a scan of the teeth AFTER our first round of aligners.  There are still teeth to be moved, but you can see the molar alignment and anterior torque have changed significantly.