Sunday, March 1, 2009

Your Markham and Greater Invisalign Orthodontist Shows That Even Katherine Heigl Struggles with Crooked Teeth!

Everyone struggles with little imperfections. Here in Markham and Greater Toronto, making crooked teeth straight, stained teeth sparkling white, and chipped teeth smooth is part of what we do at Markham Centre Orthodontics using braces and Invisalign. The sense of renewed self confidence that comes to our patients after having some sort of reconstructive work is what makes our job worthwhile.

Consider Katherine Heigl, award winning actress, and considered by many the Grace Kelly of our day. She describes struggling with crooked teeth her whole life until finally there came a point when she said "enough is enough!" She decided to do something to straighten her teeth.

We think you will enjoy this clip. Please feel free to leave comments and tell us what you think! Have you ever struggled with this same problem? Have you felt the relief of smiling to reveal a straight, bright smile after hiding crooked ones for so long? Contact us so we can hear your story, or help you create a new beautiful smile and a story of your own!

Call (905)477-7750 for your complimentary consultation with braces and Invisalign in Markham, Toronto, Unionville, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Stouffville, York Region, Downtown Markham, North York, Thornhill, and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. Let Markham Centre Orthodontics show you the Secret Behind Markham and Greater Toronto's Best Smiles!

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