Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ask Your Markham Orthodontist: What do Radiance Brackets Look Like?

Increasingly, we're finding a lot of Richmond Hill braces patients coming in to MCO Orthodontics asking for a specific type of clear braces. Many of them are looking for a fixed brace that is not particularly noticeable. There are many brands including Damon Clear Braces, 3M Clarity, and Ice Braces, but the one gaining market share at the fastest rate is American Orthodontics' Radiance Bracket. Here's why...

Traditionally, there has been a knock against clear ceramic braces taking longer than metal braces as well as being difficult to remove. With improved technology, Radiance braces will allow teeth to move as quickly as with traditional metal braces.

Here are a couple of additional benefits:

-Clear Polished Sapphire. Made with the second hardest mineral known to man, it will not fracture unlike other brands, and is an extremely strong bracket

-Predictable Debonding. Radiance bracket's patented Quad-Matte™ base allows for a strong bond in the center to hold the bracket in place, but a weaker bond on the outside to allow for easy debonding.

-Smooth Comfort. Radiance is smooth to the touch making them safe and comfortable for the patient.

-Invisible. Radiance braces are virtually invisible, allowing our patients the confidence to smile in work and social situations.

-No Staining. Radiance's monocrystalline structure and highly polished surface serve as barriers to undesirable staining elements.

For all of these above reasons, Radiance has become the "clear" choice for ceramic braces at MCO Orthodontics. To learn more, or schedule your complimentary consultation, please click here.

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