Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Markham Orthodontist is Guest Speaker at the Niagara Peninsula Dental Association Study Club

Your Markham Orthodontist was invited by the NPDA study club, a component society of the Ontario Dental Association, to provide a 5 hour lecture series on Orthodontics in 2010. The study club meets periodically throughout the year to educate dentists and specialists on a variety of dental topics.

Dr. Tam provided lectures emphasizing the correct timing for orthodontic treatment, discussed indirect bonding, the use of temporary attachment devices, social media, and his national lecture on Invisalign. Key points were to initiate MOST orthodontic treatments just prior to loss of the 2nd primary molars and that overall, the length of the lower jaw cannot be increased if done earlier when compared to during the peak period of growth. Other issues such as crossbites with mandibular deviation or underbite tendencies with a retruded upper jaw must be treated between the ages of 7 to 10.

The group of about 70 dentists found these topics and Dr. Tam's delivery extremely interesting. One of the attending dentists, Dr. Frank Bojcic, sent Dr. Tam an email after the presentation stating, "I am really happy that I came today. I really enjoyed the day as the pace picked up and it was not just a regular ortho course. Great content. Kudos." Dr. Tam was invited by several individuals to provide more lectures in the future and is happy to be on the forefront of knowledge and technology in his field.

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