Friday, August 3, 2012

Dr. Tam visits Vancouver Orthodontists Dr. Paul Helpard and Dr. Sam Daher

Dr. Helpard of Shoreline Orthodontics is a friend of Dr. Tam, your Toronto Invisalign specialist,  through the Hummingbird Study Club.  They recently met in beautiful Stanley Park for lunch with their families and the conversation naturally gravitated towards orthodontics.

Dr. Daher is a Vancouver and Calgary Invisalign specialist.  Dr. Tam and Dr. Daher lecture for Align Technology across Canada and the world.  You'll be hard pressed to find two more knowledgeable Invisalign doctors in Canada.  Recently, Dr. Tam went to visit Dr. Daher at Orthostyle in downtown Vancouver.  They discussed a number of different techniques, treatment plans, and management of Invisalign.  Although they are at the top of their fields, they both have the passion to continue to improve the scope of Invisalign treatment and quality of the experience for their patients.

Dr. Daher is an excellent doctor with a great team.  Their highly-trained team know a lot more about Invisalign that many certified orthodontists.  It is this kind of care that all patients should expect.

Thank you to both Dr. Helpard and Dr. Daher for your west coast welcome!

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