Friday, January 18, 2013

Invisalign SmartTrack Material Information from Dr. Jason Tam

There has been a lot of buzz about a new material called SmartTrack from Invisalign.  The following is information from the webinar from Align Technology regarding the release:

EX15 = Template material
EX30 = Original aligner material
EX40 = Vivera material
LD30 = SmartTrack material

As per Align webinar:

-new material started for cases approved after January 14, 2013 with full roll out by January 21, 2013
-thickness will be the same
-no BPA
-some increase in staining/clouding of the aligners
-all new refinements/midcourse corrections will get new material.  Replacement aligners using original EX30.
-easier insertion and removal of aligners
-more flexible and better adaptation to the teeth
-material to start with less initial pressure at start of two weeks but more pressure for a longer period of time
-allergies reported = those with EX30
-gliding sensation when inserting (less force on initial delivery)
-fewer broken/cracked aligners
-works well with SmartForce features

New Enhancements to Invisalign G4 (available Feb 23, 2013)
- root control for upper laterals similar to those for upper centrals/canines.  If lateral incisor is too small, then there is one attachment and up to two pressure points (3 force systems)
- root control for upper premolars similar to those for upper central.  If premolar is small, there will be one attachment and a pressure point
-attachments customized for each tooth based on morphology

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