Friday, February 28, 2014

Toronto Invisalign ClinCheck Pro with 3-D Control

Invisalign in Toronto is often viewed as a commodity like a TV or piece of clothing.  The truth is that Invisalign is a technique used to help a doctor achieve straight teeth.  In other words, the way the doctor uses the Invisalign is going to have an impact on your treatment results.  For example, buying Kevin Durant's basketball shoes will not make most people play like Kevin Durant.  Just like the shoes help Durant produce his results on the court, Invisalign helps doctors produce beautiful smiles.

Align Technology recently launched ClinCheck Pro with 3-D Control for doctors to perform their treatment modifications.  A common misconception is that impressions/scans are sent to Invisalign and Invisalign does the treatment plan.  Doctors are responsible for the tooth movements and to direct the technician on how they feel the teeth need to be moved.  This new program allows the doctor to actually move the tooth to the position they wish, so that the technician can visualize what the doctor is looking for.

The doctor can choose to ask the technician for movements, or turn on 3D controls.  This will allow control of the teeth in intrusion, extrusion, buccal, lingual, rotation, tip, width of the arch, location of attachments/cutouts, and designating the amount and location of IPR.  The software then allows the doctor to see the original ClinCheck and then the modifications performed.

Screen shot of CC Pro3D

Keep in mind that a doctor can still move a tooth anywhere on a computer, but this may not happen in the mouth, so doctors must still have the experience to understand how aligners move the teeth.  It is a convenient tool for doctors to detail movements and provide over-correction of specific teeth.  It is likely going to increase the gap between experienced and inexperienced doctors, since those with more experience know where they need to move the teeth in the simulation to make it work in reality.  With this new software available, it should become more and more clear to doctors, as well as the public that Invisalign is a technique, rather than a product.

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