Saturday, November 12, 2016

Choosing an Oshawa Invisalign Provider Part 3: Show me your work!

In Part 2 of this series on how to choose the best Invisalign Provider in Toronto for yourself, we looked at the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist.  In Part 3, we will look at figuring out if a doctor has experience with orthodontic treatment with Invisalign.

One of the best ways to figure out if someone has experience with Invisalign is look at a portfolio of their completed treatments.  Now there are privacy issues surrounding sharing all work from every patient, but doctors who have worked with enough happy patients will generally have a large selection of various treatments to show you.  This could be in print, on a website, or in a video.  Beware also that many doctors take treatments from stock photos or from other sites to show as examples.  They are technically not doing anything wrong because they are not saying it is their work, so a clarification asking about this might be in order.

When looking at these Invisalign treatments, see if there is a variety of different types of correction required.  Many cases involving crowding and spacing are simple, but treatments involving correction of Class 2, Class 3, open bites, deep bites, crossbites, and extractions will generally show a greater experience level with the Invisalign appliance.  In other words, showing a greater range of treatments with higher complexity is generally a good way to determine how skilled your doctor is.

For those of you who still think Invisalign is only for simple treatments, here's are two great videos to show you what can be done with Invisalign with an experienced team and cooperative patient.

Oshawa Invisalign Before and After Video

Toronto Invisalign Before and After Video

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