Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Invisalign Testimonial provided by your Markham and Greater Toronto Invisalign Orthodontist

Here is an Invisalign testimonial from a real Invisalign patient that was posted on YouTube. She goes over her experience of the first couple of trays and answers a lot of common questions regarding Invisalign. There is a blog with several entries about her entire "Invisalign Adventure". Some entries are not technically correct, but it does provide a good overall progress of treatment.

Having been treated with Invisalign himself, Dr. Tam can truly understand the complete Invisalign experience. In addition, he has treated Markham and Greater Toronto dentists as well as their dental teams with Invisalign. For more information, please visit our previous Invisalign blog entry or website . We look forward to continuing to be your office of choice for Invisalign treatment in Markham and Greater Toronto!

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