Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SL brackets vs Traditional braces: Damon Braces, Innovation Braces, Smart-Clip...

Orthodontists in Markham and across North America have made claims regarding the superiority of their bracket system compared to traditional braces. They make claims about less pain, faster treatment, less friction, etc. So what is the truth?

In the most recent American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, an article makes it quite clear.

There is no current evidence for the majority of claims made by proponents of Damon braces and other SL braces.

Highlights of this article include:

-No evidence that lateral expansion of the dental arch by self-ligating brackets ‘‘grows’’ buccal alveolar bone
-No evidence that self-ligating bracket systems are more efficient or effective than conventional edgewise bracket systems
-No evidence patients treated with self-ligating bracket systems experience less pain during treatment

It is a shame that some orthodontists continue to maintain these claims regarding the "superiority" of their braces, whether out of lack of knowledge, or in the name of marketing. Ultimately, the diagnosis and treatment plan, the precision of wire and bracket placement, as well as the management of the movement of teeth, make the biggest difference in your orthodontic results. Best of luck in your orthodontic treatment!

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