Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Toronto Inivsalign Orthodontist: Elite Preferred Invisalign Dentist

As of January 2011, Dr. Jason K. Tam, your top Invisalign Orthodontist in Toronto, has been recognized with Elite Preferred Invisalign status. You may have seen Dr. Tam's Invisalign videos on YouTube

as well as information on the most comprehensive Invisalign website around, at Toronto Braces. There you can compare Invisalign vs Braces, see before and after Invisalign, and how to choose an Invisalign doctor. He also travels nationally to teach dentists and orthodontists on how to use Invisalign.

Elite Preferred Invisalign Status recognizes doctors that have achieved an experience level of the top 1% of all Invisalign providers in the world. It is a designation of the number of patients treated, but there can be still be significant variation between the quality and difficulty level of patients treated. Dr. Tam uses Invisalign as a technique, treated overbites, underbites, extraction cases, combined surgical orthodontics, as well as crowding and spacing. He firmly believes that Invisalign, when used properly can produce beautiful results on par with, and in some cases, better than with fixed braces.

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