Friday, May 13, 2011

Ask your Richmond Hill Orthodontist... Should I Expect White Spots on the Teeth After Braces?

With our free consultations at your Markham Orthodontist, we often get questions about whether there will be spots, squares, or scars on teeth after braces.  The answer is:  Absolutely not.  Braces are bonded onto the teeth using a system of adhesives and resins.  They are removed easily from the teeth using a combination of instruments and fine bur to take away any residual resin left on the teeth.

White spots are the result of poor oral hygiene.  If plaque is allowed to accumulate around the braces, they will produce an acid that leeches the teeth, causing a white spot.  The shape of the spotting is usually a square, because of the shape of the area around the brace that was not cleaned properly during treatment.  While there are some pastes that may improve the mineral content and appearance of white spotting on the teeth after poor oral hygiene with braces, most aesthetic corrections will require the use of veneers or crowns.  Fortunately, these areas of decalcification can be completely avoided by practicing good oral hygiene.

At your Stouffville Orthodontist, our team emphasizes proper braces care.  We provide you with everything you need to take care of your braces, spend time at your initial visit going over a hands on demonstration on proper cleaning, refer you to your dentist whenever an extra cleaning is required, provide you with additional supplies as needed, and will actually remove braces before treatment is complete if required, to avoid these spots.  There is the opportunity to brush and floss without your wires in at each appointment in our toothbrushing area.  We also have video on our Markham Braces YouTube page to show you how to clean your teeth properly.  We feel very strongly, and most parents agree, that healthy teeth that are crooked are better than straight, spotted teeth with cavities.

As such, with proper oral hygiene, you should expect straight teeth without the formation of white spots on the teeth!  Contact us if you would like to schedule your complimentary consultation or have any additional questions.

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