Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Annual Meeting of Some of the Best Orthodontists in Toronto and North America

The end of March is an exciting time.  We have a lot of new patients from the rush during March Break and it also means the time for our annual study club meeting of orthodontists that work with Hummingbird Associates.  This year's meeting was in Chicago at the Wit Hotel, a nice downtown location a few steps from N. Michigan Avenue.

Dr. Jason Tam spent the first afternoon with Dr. Bob Hatheway and his potential associate before getting down to a nice dinner with 8 other doctors at Sixteen, the famous restaurant at the Trump Tower Chicago.  Our business is very much like the restaurant business.  We must be on time with appointments as they do with reservations, we must explain treatment options as they describe menu options, and there is often a premium to be paid for fantastic service.  It was a wonderful dining experience with fantastic conversation.

Meeting for two full days in a hotel for a weekend shows the amazing dedication of this group of elite orthodontists.  We discussed topics from Invisalign to marketing to patient flow to associates, with an openness and collegiality second to none.  Here is a picture of Dr. Tam with the Dr. Anil Idiculla and founder of Hummingbird, Karen Moawad.

With many ideas and advice for ways to improve our patient outcomes and service, it will be another exciting few months as we continue to make MCO Orthodontics your choice for orthodontics!

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