Saturday, October 27, 2012

Unionville Ontario Orthodontist Teaches Invisalign in Ottawa

There are many Invisalign certification courses allowing dentists and orthodontists to provide Invisalign in Toronto for their patients, but those courses teach doctors how to submit case materials rather than how to move teeth using this clear braces technique.

Toronto Invisalign Orthodontist lecturing to a room full of general dentists.

Dr. Tam is on the Invisalign Speaker's Bureau, traveling across North America to teach doctors how to actually use Invisalign with their patients.  As it is a technique to move teeth, it is important to realize that Invisalign treatment will be different depending on the experience level of the doctor.

Dr. Tam teaching a more advanced course in how to move teeth with Invisalign.
Not only is he one of the most sought after Toronto Invisalign specialists, he is also highly respected by his peers across North America.  Recently, he was invited to our nation's capital, Ottawa, Ontario, to speak at the Lord Elgin Hotel.  Over 30 dentists spent their Friday morning with Dr. Tam in a 3 hour session, while 8 orthodontists spent their afternoon in a more focussed tooth movement seminar.  He is happy to teach others how to use Invisalign properly and wants everyone to know that Invisalign results should be as good or better than those with traditional braces.  Remember to view Invisalign as a technique, rather than as a product!

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