Thursday, January 3, 2013

Invisalign Outcome Simulator with Toronto Orthodontist

There have been a number of notable advancements in Invisalign care in the past few years.  One of the most recent is the Invisalign Outcome Simulator.  It is a useful tool for patients to get an idea of how their teeth might look after teeth are made straight.

An Invisalign iOC scanner is required to see the before and after simulation.  The scan is completed, and then the long axes of the teeth are marked.  The simulation takes about 5 minutes to complete, and then individual teeth can be adjusted to produce the final outcome.  Items such as extractions, IPR, expansion, etc can also be simulated.

Current dentition and then simulated outcome using Invisalign Simulation Outcome

A couple of very important things to note:

1.  The simulation cannot be saved for the doctor nor for the patient.  It is simply to be used as a tool to show what may happen.  The scanned teeth are good for sending to Align for Invisalign treatment.

2.  It is only a simulation, meaning it may not be a good representation of how teeth may actually end up.  It is also not a ClinCheck plan.

Nevertheless, it is an interesting tool that some patients may be interested in before beginning Invisalign treatment.  If you are in the Toronto area and interested in Invisalign or the Invisalign simulator, please visit our Markham Orthodontist website.

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