Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dr. Tam Gives Back to his High School, University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

MCO Orthodontics has provided TeamMCO with a fantastic place to work with our amazing patients.  Dr. Tam attributes much of their success to the solid foundation he obtained while in high school at the University of Toronto Schools (UTS).

Located at the corner of Bloor and Spadina, this school has had the reputation as one of the top high schools in Canada since opening in 1910.  UTS is renowned for educating generations of outstanding graduates, including two Nobel Laureates, 20 Rhodes Scholars and numerous leaders in commerce, industry, academics, the arts, sports, government, and public service.  What makes UTS different is that it is a merit-based school.  Money cannot buy your way in.  As such, there are students spanning a large geographic area as well as a large socioeconomic spectrum.  Many of the students rely on alumni awards and bursaries to be to study at UTS.

In appreciation of what UTS has done for him, Dr. Tam began to look for a way to give back.  In conjunction with the 100 year celebration of UTS in 2010, Dr. Tam met with Alumni Directors to put together an award for students at the school.  The MCO Orthodontics UTS Community Builder Award was established, recognizing 4 students annually for excellence in a combination of academics, extra-curricular activities, and leadership within the community.  Dr. Tam was happy to present the recipients of the inaugural award last October.

Dr. Tam also got a chance to congratulate a former patient, Anoop M., who was recognized with the highest overall level of achievement in his grade.  This is a formidable achievement in a school with so many talented and gifted students.  Congratulations!

UTS has recently been given 10 years to move by the University of Toronto.  Read more here.  With the hard work of Alumni Directors, school administration, Alumni, and current students, there is hope that generations of students will continue to benefit from the excellent education unique to UTS.

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