Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Toronto Invisalign Express 5

There is a new product available for orthodontic relapse patients beginning January 30th..  It is called Invisalign Express 5, used for very minor crowding and spacing.  There is one case of up to 5 aligners, plus one refinement of up to 5 aligners.  Note that the refinement is not included in the cost of the original lab fee.

There will be a ClinCheck that can be modified, and there are SmartForce attachments and aligner features available as well.

Example of a treatment with 5 aligners

Please be aware that at MCO Orthodontics, there are very few patients who qualify for treatment with regular Invisalign Express (5 months) and there are likely extremely few patients who will qualify for Express 5 (2.5 months).  Still this is a viable option for those who have some minor issues that they want to take care of without braces, and would like to use the top brand in clear aligner treatment.

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