Monday, September 17, 2012

Dr. Tam selected Semi-Finalist for the 2012 Invisalign Case Shootout Competition

Every two years, the greatest minds in Invisalign get together in Las Vegas to discuss advancements in the use of Invisalign and to show some of the best Invisalign treatments in the world.

This year, Dr. Tam has been selected as a semi-finalist for his submission and will be in the top 100 Invisalign treatments case publication.  He used Invisalign Teen in conjunction with a Class 2 corrector appliance to correct the deep overbite, large overjet, and deficient lower jaw.  Take a look at the photos here.  Remember, no metal braces or wires were used!  Best of luck to Dr. Tam during the online voting to see if he will be presenting in Las Vegas!

Check out more Invisalign Before and After examples from Dr. Tam:

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