Saturday, September 15, 2012

Toronto Invisalign Orthodontist Teaches East Coast Doctors

In case you weren't aware, Dr. Jason Tam, your top Toronto Invisalign specialist, is on the speaker's bureau for Align Technologies, the parent company of Invisalign.  While he does not own any shares in Align, or have any financial interest in them, he very much enjoys teaching other doctors how to use Invisalign properly.  There are many people who still feel that Invisalign does not work, and it is a shame, because we've created so many beautiful smiles and happy people using it.

Recently, Align flew Dr. Tam into Halifax, Nova Scotia to deliver two 3-hour lectures to dentists and orthodontists at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront.  He discussed developments such as Invisalign G3, G4, Invisalign Teen, and the iOC scanner.  He also provided tips on providing the best Invisalign treatment experience possible for our patients.  The doctors, including Elite and Premier Providers, found the most useful part of the session to be the ClinCheck review, during which Dr. Tam helped them critically analyze their planned tooth movements for their patients.

Dr. Tam managed to enjoy some Maritime food as well!  Lobster roll and clam chowder :)

MCO Orthodontics is extremely proud of Dr. Tam for being one of the most sought out and highly-respected treating doctors and speakers for Invisalign in Canada.  It is not uncommon for patients to fly in or drive several hours in order to see us, and to have doctors fly in to see him speak as well.  Rest assured, that with Dr. Tam's experience, you are be receiving the most advanced and best Invisalign treatment possible.

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