Saturday, February 22, 2014

Arkansas Orthodontist Dr. Ben Burris and Toronto Invisalign Specialist Dr. Tam

Even on weeks off, Dr. Tam, your Stouffville braces orthodontist is working hard to help improve the orthodontic experience of his patients at MCO Orthodontics.  Recently, he was down in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to meet with Kyle Ray, a leadership coach, having attended 21st Century Extraordinary Leadership.  Kyle is a master of mental imagery as a factor of future success and one of the top high stakes poker players in the world.

Dr. Ben Burris, Dr. Jason Tam, Mr. Matt Wilkins
Later, he met with Dr. Ben Burris, owner of Arkansas Braces and Braces by Burris, and his CEO Matt Wilkins.  Dr. Burris has an impressive resume, having started the largest pro-bono orthodontic charity in Smiles For A Lifetime, owner of an orthodontic magazine/study club, the Progressive Orthodontist, a  prominent patient advocate with Orthodontists for Access, and all while running the largest individual orthodontic practice in North America.  They had many discussions about the future of orthodontics and the management of orthodontic offices.

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