Sunday, February 23, 2014

Invisalign G5 Features for Deep Bite Correction Described by Toronto Invisalign Specialist

On February 21, 2014, Align Technology announced the latest generation of Invisalign features to help in deep bite correction.  Remember that these are tools that will help the clinician properly plan your treatment.  Your results will still differ depending on the experience of your doctor.  Here is a summary provided by your Toronto Invisalign Expert.  Dubbed as G5, features include:

Pressure areas on aligners- Redirect the intrusive force through the long axis of anterior teeth.  This is important as teeth that need to be intruded have to be done so through the long axis.  For clinicians, this will show up as a circular module on the ClinCheck summary sheet.

Deep Bite Attachment on the first premolar- Anchorage for anterior intrusion; maybe be activated to extrude premolars.  Previously, horizontal attachments were used to provide anchorage.  The new attachments may also help extrude premolars in cases where there is a low mandibular plane angle.

Precision Bite Ramps on aligners- Disocclude the posterior teeth to prevent intrusion on posterior teeth and to intrude anteriors.  Previously, doctors estimated the position of the incisors and asked for "virtual bite turbos".  Now these ramps are incorporated into the aligners and move in concert with intrusion.  For clinicians, this will show up as a triangle on the lingual surfaces of the incisors on the treatment summary sheet.

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